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Great acting is not “acting” – it is the ability to be fully human and express that humanity with truth, integrity, and personal freedom onstage and in front of the camera. You, the actor, will take a noble and profound journey on behalf of us all. When people go into a dark theatre and the lights go down, they hope against hope that you will express some truth about life. They want you to cry out their pain, fight their fight, express their deepest love, and dance their inner dance of celebration, giving voice to that which they may not have had the courage to voice themselves. And when the lights come up, we have all been changed in some way…something wonderful has happened. For us, as actors, it is an extraordinary opportunity to celebrate our journey as human beings… to own it, proclaim it, and express it fully. For the audience, it is the chance to have been part of and witnessed something extraordinary, moving, and true. Sometimes that which is happening in our lives is of such magnitude and intense power that it can only be contained and expressed through art. You are the artist who will bring that expression to the rest of the world.


Our work has two tracks:


The first is to teach you how to fully serve any piece of material and how to step completely into the world of the play. Our technique allows you to explore every facet of the script and turn that life on paper into a fascinating human being on stage. It gives you concrete tools that will allow you to join your life to the life of the character so that your expression is free, spontaneous and authentic from moment to moment. We also offer shortcuts and immediate ways to make powerful choices in auditions and on the set when in-depth exploration and rehearsal is not possible.


The second is to offer exercises and techniques that will allow you, the actor, to constantly expand and open further to your own means of self expression so that your “instrument” is ready to play beautifully and freely any role that you choose.


Our work is based on Stanislavsky’s teachings, (as are The Method, Meisner, and many of the other great approaches to acting). Our program includes the philosophies of various schools of acting. We have integrated action-based acting with the emotion-based approach, creating a specific and concrete technique that brings it all together. This results in inspiring, passionate human beings onstage and in front of the camera playing with full intention to get what they need and succeed in their wildest dreams.


The Studio is a gymnasium and play space for actors. The work is individualized according to the level and need of each student. Some students come to the studio to create a solid and strong acting foundation on which they can build their careers. Others come after years of success in theatre, film, and television to fine-tune their work and audition skills, taking it to the next level of excellence. Wherever you are in your work or career when you arrive, you should walk away with a technique and new set of acting tools that will serve you in any circumstance; and a renewed sense of your own power and magnificence as an artist and creative human being.


We would love to have you join us, and we also know that talk is cheap. So instead of taking our word for it, we invite you to audit and visit the classes, meet the faculty, and experience for yourself the joy and power of creativity that takes place on a daily basis at the Studio. May your days be filled with excitement, discovery, breakthrough and success in every way!


With support and respect,


Elizabeth Browning

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