Workshops with Elizabeth Browning are customized and tailored to the needs and goals of each organization. The transformational techniques employed by the Elizabeth Browning Studio have proven successful for countless clients ranging from business executives, lawyers, writers, and homemakers to award winning actors on Broadway, in film, and television. Our workshops are fun, informative, and powerful agents for change as each participant gets to experience stepping into their work and their world in an empowered and fresh new way.


Believing that we already have all that we need to succeed, create, and thrive in our chosen field of endeavor, our workshops focus on dissolving barriers and breaking through historical blocks to experience inspired, exciting, and energized means of self expression, creativity, personal power, and joy. Our work will help you create new roles for yourself, find your authentic voice to share with the world, increase your sense of creativity and possibility, and discover positive new ways of stepping into your greatness in every situation.


Services include individual Key Note Presentations, half day, full day, and weekend workshops.


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To experience our dynamic offerings, we invite you to audit any one of our classes. For more information email or call (212) 946-6575 to make a reservation. Discover what an acting process supported by cutting edge brain science and based in love can do for you and your career!

Elizabeth Browning’s Private Acting Classes

Tuesdays 5:30pm – 10:00pm (actors arrive throughout the day)

On Tuesdays Elizabeth Browning works with 10 individuals on whatever each actor wants to focus on in their work slot. You can bring in monologues, scene work, audition sides, songs, create original material, ask for cold readings, or do a number of powerful exercises designed to work on your own instrument. These classes are booked a month at a time so please email with months you are interested in and a confirmation will be sent to you. All levels of experience are welcome as each work slot is completely customized to the needs of the individual actor.

How to sign up for Elizabeth’s class: Email You must be scheduled to be able to work in class, but auditing is available any Tuesday that the class is in session.

Private coaching with Elizabeth Browning

By reservation only.

How to sign up for coaching:

Email to schedule your coaching.

Receive your confirmation and designated coaching time.

Pay online by clicking the button below.

For out-of-town clients, long-distance coaching by ZOOM or SKYPE is available. For more information about scheduling long-distance coaching please email

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Class Location

All classes are located at the following:

New York City Classes:

The Elizabeth Browning Studio

@ The Director’s Company

311 West 43rd St.



PHONE: 212-946-6575



Los Angeles Coaching and Workshops

Private coaching for clients in L.A. is offered via ZOOM or SKYPE as well as occasional live workshops held in L.A.

Read what a client from L.A. says about coaching with Elizabeth on her feature film:

“I coached with Elizabeth from Los Angeles using Skype. I had never done this before and had no idea what to expect. It was fantastic. It was no different than being in a room with her. I had been in class with Elizabeth during college and had coached with her over the phone as well, for another project. Skype coaching was a wonderful experience and we were easily able to do the kind of work that I went to Elizabeth for. There are few words to describe her level of comittment, passion, and understanding of the human spirit. And her quick understanding of the material makes Skype Coaching easy and so very helpful. I would HIGHLY recommend Elizabeth, in person or if one is coaching from a distance. It is a wonderful, deeply supportive and profoundly enriching experience.”

– Sybil Temtchine -Audrey, USA Network’s Kojak, Footprints, The Undying


How To Rehearse Workshop

What is the secret to brilliant acting in film, television, and theater when you are given very little quality time on the set to rehearse? What do you need to do to prepare so that when the camera rolls or the curtain goes up you are completely ready, fully alive, and immersed in the world of the play? The right rehearsal tools.

In the How To Rehearse Workshop you will be given a set of unique and specific rehearsal tools and techniques that you can begin immediately applying to your acting opportunities and projects.

This is not a sit-in-your-seat lecture! You will be on your feet experiencing a real rehearsal process and discover:

  • How to create a believable relationship with the other characters
  • The power of taking full and focused action in every moment
  • Ways to create an actual space around you that brings the world of the screenplay to life
  • Acting Preparations that will bring you onto the stage of set immersed in the world of the show and ready to play with excellence

The Secrets to a Winning Audition


Do you wish you had a surefire approach to give an outstanding audition every time you go in to be seen?

Do you long for a solid acting technique that will allow you to consistently do your best work with a sense of freedom and joy in front of any crowd?

Are you a beginning actor or maybe a working actor who has been just getting by on instincts and wishful thinking?

Four Steps to a Successful Audition is one of the Elizabeth Browning Studio’s signature workshops. These Four-Steps are designed to work together to elevate an audition to performance level quality every time.

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