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Elizabeth Browning, Artistic Director of the Elizabeth Browning Studio in NYC, coaches professional actors on Broadway, in film, and television as well as those in the corporate sector interested in using transformational acting work to take their lives and careers to the next level. Known as one of New York’s most respected acting coaches and featured in “The Actor’s Guide To Qualified Acting Coaches: New York”, Elizabeth has introduced her revolutionary approach to acting, creativity, and personal transformation in numerous national magazines, and on the ABC and NBC television networks.

Elizabeth Browning is also a filmmaker, actress, director, and collaborator on award winning theater pieces. Elizabeth Browning is the founder and president of Joy Light Productions, a production company dedicated to bringing projects of light, love, and inspiration to audiences everywhere.


Workshops with Elizabeth Browning are customized and tailored to the needs and goals of each organization. The transformational

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From Elizabeth Browning

Great acting is not “acting” – it is the ability to be fully human and express that humanity with truth, integrity, and personal freedom onstage and in

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“Elizabeth Browning gave me a way of working that fundamentally affects everything I do, both as an actor and a human being.”

Tim Maculan

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“Working with Elizabeth has transformed the way I approach both my work and my life. She has a gift that goes beyond technique and exercises. Elizabeth awakens and nurtures the true artist within you while guiding you toward your least inhibited most creative self.”

Laura Benanti


I coached with Elizabeth from Los Angeles using Skype. I had never done this before and had no idea what to expect. It was fantastic. It was no different than being in a room with her. I had been in class with Elizabeth during college and had coached with her over the phone as well, for another project. Skype coaching was a wonderful experience and we were easily able to do the kind of work that I went to Elizabeth for. There are few words to describe her level of comittment, passion, and understanding of the human spirit. And her quick understanding of the material makes Skype Coaching easy and so very helpful. I would HIGHLY recommend Elizabeth, in person or if one is coaching from a distance. It is a wonderful, deeply supportive and profoundly enriching experience.

Sybil Temtchine


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